Welcome, this site isn’t for everyone

This is the label for Stone Brewing’s Xocovesa. It’s not your average beer. It doesn’t try to be average. It tries to be world class and for people who like spicy, coffee stouts it succeeds. Being like everybody else makes you average and being average will never produce world class beer, teams, or companies.

I often have opportunities to talk with young people interested in becoming engineers. They asked me, “What’s the best piece of advice you can give me for my career?” I tell them to be the go to person.” That means being the first person people want on their team. The “go to person” is the person they trust to get results quickly and do high quality work.

What’s the easiest way to become a “go to person?” Cut digital distraction out of your life. Develop habits that allow you to focus on your top priority task and get things done faster and more accurately than all your distracted, average coworkers. You know, the ones you see always surfing the Internet or responding to the latest ding on their phone. Their poor habits take 20 hours of work and stretch it into 40 hours by killing time. That kind of behavior is not what makes a great company and won’t make you a “go to person.”

If you’re interested in learning how to become a “go to person” this is the site for you. If you’re willing to put in the effort to reshape your habits, separate yourself from average, and accelerate your career, Welcome! I look forward to hearing from you about how the information shared here has helped you.

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