Quick Tip of the Day

For those of you who have read a few of the blog posts and Quick tips of the day you may be starting to pick up on one of the overarching themes. The tips teach you how to modify your habits and use the hidden features of your apps to act with intention.

We no longer pay for software with money. We pay with our attention and our time. The more ads Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram can get you to view, the more money they make. While these companies rake in record profits, we feel more stressed due to FOMO and not having time to accomplish the things we want do.

Today’s tip is for Instagram. Around August 2018 Instagram, in response to concerns over the detrimental effects of smart phone addiction, added a time tracking feature. If you click on your profile in the lower right, and then the three bars that represent the options menu in the upper right, there is an option called “your activity.” There you can see how long you have spent on the app today and how that compares to your average over the last week. There’s a tool to have it send you a reminder after the number of minutes you select. There’s another tool that allows you to control what notifications the app sends you. For more on notifications read our first Quick tip of the day. Overall it’s a well designed way to allow you to manage your time. I give Instagram credit for their efforts.

In related news, you can now follow EndDigitalDistraction on Instagram. More details to follow on why we joined Instagram. For now let’s just say you have to meet people where they are.

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