Spring clean your Social Media

In honor of the first day of Spring, here in the Northern Hemisphere at least, let’s do a little spring clean out of our “friends“ on social media. We all have those people in our life that we’re tired of seeing what they ate for dinner. That college friend you never talk to anymore, or that person from high school who can’t read a dog article without sharing it.
Does following certain people on social media no longer bring you joy? Are the benefits of following a company not worth the time you invest to do it? Here’s how to clean “friends” out of your social feeds to reduce stress and free up time for things you would prefer to be doing instead.

Most of the social media apps now have three small dots in the upper right corner of each post that give you options like share, copy and report. There’s also unfollow and Facebook even offers snooze for 30 days. The nice thing is that “friends” on Facebook still see you listed as a friend, you just don’t have to see their political rants while scrolling through the people you really do want to keep up with.

Finally, happy Fall to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere. Not sure why, but I am popular in Ecuador. Digital distraction and phone addiction really is universal.

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