Friday planning

Now that it’s Friday, it seems like the perfect time to share with you the concept of Friday afternoon planning. Taking 20 minutes on Friday afternoon, when you’re already burned out from this week and done being productive, to plan for next week is the most productive thing that you can do with this time. It will allow you to relax this weekend and be prepared to get the most out of next week.

Step one: Make a list of things you need or want to accomplish next week. Don’t do it in any particular order. Just quickly jot things down on paper. This is the brainstorming stage.

Step two: Now prioritize your tasks by assigning them a number value one through three. One being for things that have to get done next week or you’ll lose your job. Two being things you need to make progress on next week because they will become Ones in the future as their deadlines near. Three being things you’d like to get to if you have time.

Step three: Now prioritize the top three to five items that have a number one next to them. These are your absolute top priorities for next week, in order.

Step four: Now prioritize the top three to five items that have a number two next to them. These are the most important things to make progress on after you accomplish all of your number one level tasks.

Step five: Consider if you need anything from other people in order to accomplish these first and second tier items. Call, yes, on the telephone it’s much faster than email, each of the people you need things from. You want to either get an answer or confirm when you will get what you need.

Step six: Now that you have all the answers you need, or know when you will get them, use this information to block out time on your calendar for the top three to five number one level priorities. You will feel less stressed over the weekend when you know you have made space for next week’s top priorities.

Step seven: If a number three level task gets put on your list four times and never escalated to a priority level one or two, delete it. It isn’t important enough to you to make time for it and clearly doesn’t need to get done at all.

Now go home and have a great weekend. Get outside, relax, spend time with family and friends. Do whatever you do to recharge. Thanks to your Friday planning you’re ready to crush next week

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