Who has time to read?

Here’s a great tip for avoiding killing time mindlessly scrolling on your phone. Subscribe to a magazine dedicated to a subject you’re interested in reading about. From fencing to food, fashion, and finance, there are magazines for everything these days. They are full of carefully curated content, not just the second tier content that is offered up online.  
Depending on your reading pace and how often the magazine is published you may need to subscribe to more than one. Fortunately subscriptions are usually only $10-$20 a year. Keep one magazine at your desk for breaks or lunchtime reading. Keep one in your car for down time at kids sports practices or the doctor’s waiting room. Bonus,  you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery or having WiFi. 
Just like websites there are advertisements in a magazine drawing your attention away from the content, but unlike a website you can’t click on them and lose twenty minutes on a tangent or three. 
Print copies of books have many of the same benefits as magazines. There’s a nostalgic, relaxing feeling triggered by the smell of fresh ink, the sound of a spines first crack, and the feeling of quality paper between your finger tips. Plus, there’s the feeling accomplishment you get when you finish a thick book and clap it shut in celebration. One final benefit to reading a printed book is the chance of having a good conversation with someone else who has read the book and sees you reading it. 
Taking the time to read a book or magazine will also make you feel less overwhelmed because suddenly you identify yourself as the type of person who has time to read. 

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