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In his book Outstanding! John G. Miller tells a story of a software company that posts this value on the wall, “We allow our people to make non-repetitive mistakes.” Many companies have a formal process of documenting and sharing lessons learned to help their staff learn from the mistakes of others instead of repeating them.

Today’s post is a recap of all the lessons I hope you learned from last week’s five part series. Knowing that everyone brings their own perspective to what they read, please share the lessons you took from each of the blogs in the comments section below.

On Monday we took a queue from Who Wants to be a Millionaire with the topic “Phone a Friend.” In this era of fast, digital communication we are starting to lose the benefits of verbal communication. The lesson to learn here was that deep, meaningful relationships aren’t built on social media. Liking a neighbors baby pictures online is nowhere near as meaningful as bringing over dinner. Focusing on the quality of relationships over quantity is a winning strategy for your personal and professional life.

Tuesday’s post focused on life long learning. This is a habit practiced by many of the worlds great leaders. All of you have 20 minutes a day you could use to learn something new. It’s just a matter of making learning a priority over another 20 minutes spent scrolling on your phone.

Wednesday’s topic was exercise. If your struggling to fit exercise into your daily routine here are some additional ideas. Replace your 20 minute morning social media check in with a home exercise program. Instead of eating lunch at your desk and checking social media or emails, go outside and take a walk. Even if you normally work through lunch a short walk outside will reenergize you and allow you to be more focused all afternoon.

Thursday’s post discussed the benefits of decluttering. Having a clean work space will save your mind from having to process all the background noise. This will increase your creativity and stamina. Also keeping an organized digital workspace will save you all the time you now spend searching to find things.

Friday revisited the life long learning theme with reading. Whether your reading for pleasure or to learn, reading is one of the easiest things you can do in short increments. All you need to do is take a tip from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits and create the right environment. Using the pocket app or keeping a magazine, book or audiobook handy will give you an environment that queues you to replace your phone time with more beneficial learning time.

The big picture theme for all of these things is prioritizing beneficial habits like learning, health, and strengthening relationships will benefit you more is the long run than giving all that time away to scrolling on your phone. The social media giants have stacked the deck against you to make billions in profits. It’s time to start using technology to your benefit not theirs.

I hope you had as much fun reading this series as I did writing it. Please share them with your friends and coworkers who could benefit from reshaping their relationship with technology.

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