Why you should make things harder than they have to be?

One of the tricks that your apps use to keep you addicted is to make things as easy as possible. This is why amazon patented one click ordering. The less number of actions it takes for you to do something the more likely you are to keep doing it. 

Today’s tip is similar to yesterday’s suggestion about moving the icons for addictive apps to the last page of your apps. If you’re not ready to delete these apps from your phone and use them only on a computer or in a clunky browser try forcing yourself to use the search feature to open apps. 
I apologize to Android readers, but today’s instructions are only available for iOS users. In order to search for things swipe left to bring up your search and widgets screen. Then start typing in the search box at the top. You may need to disable “Siri suggestions in search” in the Siri settings menu. This will disable the list of recent apps from displaying. 
The goal with this tip is to add steps to your habits so you have to really want to commit to opening up the app to go through all the steps. This is similar to unplugging you tv or putting the remote in a locked box in another room. These extra steps will prevent you from habitually flipping on the tv and flipping channels. 
Maybe Miranda Lambert was on to something when she sang, “It all just seemed so good the way we had it. Back before everything was, automatic.”

Check out my previous post, “Three reasons to use the telephone,”for more benefits of not using technology.

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