40 hour no charge challenge

Tonight I was inspired by rereading this previous post. So let’s try a challenge together this weekend. We’ll call it the 40 hour no charge challenge. 
Here are the rules. From the time you wake up on Saturday morning until the time you go to sleep on Sunday night, set your phone on low battery mode and do not charge it.  
In low power mode you should have plenty of battery to make phone calls, text a bit, and take pictures. What you won’t have battery for is games, social media, and watching movies. 
Give it a try. You never know what kinds of things you’ll find to do when you force yourself to stay off your phone. Perhaps you’ll play board games with your kids, read a book, watch a movie with friends, or tackle all the Spring yard work. 
Whatever it is please check back in here on Monday morning and share what you did in the comments. I hope you all have a restful weekend and take time to recharge and prepare for next week.

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