40 hours on one charge ✅

Sorry for not having a new post yesterday. My battery would never have lasted long enough to write something Sunday night. I was nearing the end of the 40 hour no charge challenge. The goal was to make it from Saturday morning when I got up to Sunday night when I went to sleep without charging my phone.  

What did I learn from a weekend of very limited phone usage? I felt more relaxed than after a normal weekend. Since my wife was out of town, I spent the whole weekend with my two girls. With my phone not getting my attention I was able to make them the top priority. We went to the local trampoline place and they jumped while I read a book in the lounge. All of the other parents there were scrolling through their phones and did not seem to be enjoying themselves as much as I was. 
Since I was limiting the number of times I looked at my phone to distract myself, the text messages and snaps that came in started to feel like interruptions. I need to adjust my Snapchat notifications so I can check it on my own schedule. I began to understand what my mother, a proud luddite, meant when she said she wouldn’t want people texting her and interrupting her all the time.
I was impressed Sunday afternoon when my kids, unprompted, checked their digital wellbeing app to see how much time they had spent on their phones. It was nice to hear them competing for the lowest time. 
All in all it was a great weekend and I encourage you to try the no charge challenge sometime. Perhaps you’ll do it as a family. It’s a great way to try out something different temporarily and see how your life might benefit. 

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