This will change your life

We’ve all been there.  We go to YouTube to watch a quick video to learn how to tile a shower, brew beer, or teach a new drill at your kids sport practice.  After you get the information you came for you get distracted by all the related videos on the side of the screen.  It happens again and again and suddenly you’ve lost 30 minutes of your life, or worse your sleep. 

I recently discovered a great tool to help you avoid one of the internet’s biggest rabbit holes.  DF tube, Distraction Free YouTube

DF Tube is a browser plugin.  Once installed it allows you to block the portions of the YouTube screen that are designed to suck you in and keep you watching video after video.  If you actually want to read the comments or see related videos it is easily disabled with one click.  

Imagine it, using YouTube with the tactical precision of a Navy Seal.  Getting in, watching what you came for, and slipping out unscathed. 

Enjoy!  You can thank me later. 

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